Monday, August 18, 2008

Some Tips at Workplace

Have your ever face the senario where your boss :
- Very frequent agree with you on something but then later change his/her mind?
- Try to keep quite or push away the responsibility when the plan or decision that he agree
with you got rejected by his boss?
- Though you are superman that can focus everything at the same time without any prioritization?
- Keep on forgetting about the agreement or decision that have been made earlier, then ask you thousand of time?

Does all this sound familiar to you?
Congrats if it doesnt sound familiar to you, but for those who feel the same as i do, pls dont feel sad too....because this is just the norm of working life...

The senario became more worst if you have subordinate reporting to you. While you are trying to provide the best support to your peolpe, you couldn't get the same commitment from your boss....

One may choose to leave this type of boss but other may choose to "align" with his boss. Whatever it is, there is no right or wrong, but it is just what your choice are that could make you feel happy in your workplace.

With my character, i guess it is hard for me to be happy by choosing the 2nd option but fortunately I'm always the lucky one :)


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