Monday, May 9, 2011

Funny kid's talk and act

One evening, my daughter was demanding me and her father to play with her while we are having dinner. Below is the conversation.

Me : Kai Shuen, mommy and daddy need to eat now, why don't you play yourself?
KS : Don't want, mommy, mommy....
Me : Or, why don't you play with winnie? (it's the name we gave to her winnie the pooh soft toy) 
KS : (Walk to winnie and pull it down from the sofa) winnie, nah..(handed a piece of the lego to winnie and waited for few second, wondering why winnie don't take it from her). Winnie, winnie..(call it for a few time then turn to us) ...Mommy!!
Me and my hubby was laughing till we drop! :)

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