Monday, October 31, 2011

Fun playing with clay

Recently we brought Kai Shuen to Portland Children Musuem and bought back some clay for her. So we start with simple built like turtle. I make most of the part of the turtle, and she helps me to match the head and legs of the turtle to its body. It's not easy for little kids to rolled the clay or to shape it but she enjoyed watching me doing it, as well as "combining" the part into one piece...Then she asked me to make her a man. Although i was not good at art, still able to make one for her that she think it look like a man sitting on the floor....We have lots of fun playing with it and also capturing the photo of our "masterpiece":)

Little Turtle that we had built
kai Shuen signature smile :)
She also want to take photo of our finished good, this one is taken by her.

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