Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Read to the dogs programme

For dogs lover, you may wonder what this programme is about. I was surprised to find out this programme at Hillsboro public library. Kai Shuen normally like to play inside a room in the library, but on that day, it was closed. The notice on the door said that the "read to the dogs" is in progress. I was shocked to read this notice.  In my mind, i thoguht that nowadays US poeple even read to their favorite dogs?? I was really curious to find out more about this, thus i asked the librarian. "We teach the dogs how to read" said the librarian then she laugh, "I'm just kidding. This is a programme where we help young readers to build confidence by reading aloud to trained theraphy dogs in private 20-minute sessions". Oh, so that is nothing to do with the dog, I said to myself...haha..Such an interesting and wonderful programme, isn't it?

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