Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Am my child have eye problem?

I like to call this photo A "Before-After". The first one look messy and big face, the second one looks more oval-face and sweet :)

Anyway, i felt that my daughter's eye are pointing inward. Some people said that this is normal for children and they will be fine when they grow up, but others seem to have concern. I didn't have a chance to bring her to the pediatrician yet, but what do you guys think? Pls leave me a comment, thanks.




Ee Weei said...

Both are cute cute photos of kai shuen. I checked my son's photo immediately after reading your worry, it seem that my son eyes also pointing inward for some pictures when he looked at me who stand in front of him. So, i think this is normal.
When they look things at sides, their eyes should be more center.

Gaik Ling said...

Thanks Ee Weei for your comment. But anyway to be save, i will bring her to see doctor this weekend :)