Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Children know when parents are angry

Kids are very smart. They know exactly the time where parents get really angry. When children sense that, they will tend to tone down and be a little nicer. This happen to my child too, who is more than 1.5 years old. When I get really angry, I will told her how and why I felt so. Then I will normally keep quiet for a while, giving her the "cold treatment". She seems to understand that what she did actually annoyed me. She will then call me and try to smile to me. If I don't response to her, she will keep doing that and up to a point crying out loud. So prior to reaching that stage, I will response and ask her to promise not to repeat her misbehaviour that has upset me. She normally will say YES and then smile to me. When i smile back, she feel relief and will happily get back to play. How sweet, isn't it? :)

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littlespringvalley said...

Is really true and sweet. I think I should tell Baby G more reason because she always know when I'm angry when she did something wrong. I didnt explain because everytime she seem know she did wrong and look at me waiting some respond from me.