Friday, January 28, 2011

Fun teaching the kids!

I always enjoy the time spend with my little girl, teaching her new things. Few weeks back, i started to teach her how to say her own name when people asked. The conversation went something like this.

The first time...
Me : What's your name?
my girl : name...

Me: Yes, your name is Kai...Shuen..say, kai shuen..
my girl : kai....(only able to say one word)

After several session...

Me : Girl, tell me what's your name?
my girl : name...
Me: No no, you should answer "kai shuen"..
my girl : kai....geng
Me: No my dear, it is "kai shuen"..
my girl : kai....king
Me: @#$%^& (speechless)

and finally...(she was able to answer it correctly for once, so I went showing off to her dad)
Me : Girl, tell your daddy what's your name?
my girl : name...
Me: No no, your name..
my girl : papa
Me: No my dear, who are you?
my girl : mama
Me: %^&*$%...NAME...
my girl : kai..shuen..
Dad : wow, clever girl!

BUT, I doubt she can answer it correctly again next time. Anyway, it was a fun learning process ^-^

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