Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kai Shuen's present

Kai Shuen will be one month old this sat, thanks to all family and friends for the presesnt and ang pow. See her picture with her many toys waitting for her to play with when she grow up! :)

That day aunty cook one special dish for me during the tea time. I call it Chinese Pizza cause it looks like it. It was made from egg, mee sua, onion and chili, taste good ler...I never knew that mee sua can make such a delicious food :)


**Shih Nyien** said...

Congratulations! I guess I can only meet her next year. The pizza looks so delicious :)

mk said...

Wow she can't wait to play d :D
Really looks like pizza haha.

Gaik Ling said...

haha shih nyien, make sure next time u come to penang give me a call ya :)

不一样的天空 said...

So great finised ur confiment lio and K.Shuen also big gal lor :)