Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thanks god my BSP result is good

WHat is BSP test? - Blood sugar profile test.
Why is it needed? - When doctor suspect that you have high risk of getting diabetes during pregnancy.
How it was done? - Lab assistant will take a sample of your blood (by poking to ur finger tips) to test it using the glukose tester 4 times in a days. Prior to your breakfast, 8am; before your lunch around 11.30am; before your dinner around 4.30pm and before your bedtime around 9.30pm.

I went for the BSP test after my MTT test (also a type of testing to see your body reaction toward the sugar level) show very high result, 8.6mmol/l. Thanks god the result is good. my average reading was 5.3mmol/l, meaning i dont have any diabetes yet :)
However, i will need to repeat the BSP test in the next 2 weeks time...i have been put under close monitoring...good and bad. Good of course it is safer to monitor closely, bad, of course i got to take many days leave...wanna save my leave for my maternity ler :)

One thing i wanted to mention here is really the good service provided by government clinic. THe nurse purposely come at night, open the door at 9.30pm for me and the other person to do the blood test and yet she still looks very friendly even though i can see red eye in her :)

Kudos to the govern clinic, good job and keep it up!


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不一样的天空 said...

Why want to save ur leave for maternity?Company should give 2 months FOC ma...anyway good to hear that u r alright!

Gaik Ling said...

hehe..casue wanna take longer than 2 months leave :)