Sunday, November 30, 2008

My best friend just married, but the bridegroom is not me..

Haha...dont feel shocked by the title, i was just trying to tease an old friend.
Yesterday me and JJ attended LP's wedding dinner. His good friend didnt show up as he has another wedding to attend...kononnya his sister's daughter is getting married. Anyway, since I know him when i just join agilent 8 years ago, he has been trying to find a girlfriend but seems like until now he is still a bachelor. So i guess he might have tought why "my best friend has married and the bridegroom is not me", hahaha...jsut joking... :)
Anyway, the wedding dinner was unique with the performance of ballet dancing and belly dancing who are the bride's frens and colleague.
Congratulation LP, finally you had gotten married after so many years pat tor with Kah Yee :)

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