Saturday, November 1, 2008

Finally..Dad has discharged

Around 10.30am, mum called up and told me that doctor has allowed to let dad discharged. Good news, so i rushed to hospital immediately as I was hoping that i can settle his bill and bring him back home by 12noon so that i can still have time to attend Jessie's registration at penang moral uplifting center. Mana tau, the nurse say not so soon, need to wait until 1pm maybe can settle...celaka...want to pay also need to wait so long, what the h@#$... What to do, have to wait lor..too bad I cant make it to Jessie's ROM, so sorry ya :)
About 12.30pm, my brother reached hostpital, so we decided to go parallel. Me and JJ will bring father back first while he will stay at hospital waiting to pay the bill.
It is quite difficult to get my dad into the car as his leg cannot bent. We spent a few minutes and finally we had successfully get him in and reached home safely. See his giant leg rap with some supportive material...dont worry, dad, you will get well real soon :)

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