Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Commercialized" Bitrhday Card

Ever year, I receive quite a numbers of birthday cards. Most of them I categorized it as "Commercialized" birthday cards. Don't get what i mean? Give you an examples, i bought jewelry before at 2 shops and are the member of those shops. (of course the membership is free else i wont be joining :)) So both of them sent me the birthday card+ some voucher together. Those voucher consist of one mystery gift and some discount coupon when you do the purchase.
This year, one of the shop gave the crystal pendant, BUT, the pendant is without the hook. Well, looks like there is nothing completely free in this world or maybe i should say in Malaysia....
Since it looks quite nice, so i paid RM30 for the white gold hook. (gold hook is only RM20)...This is really effective marketing strategy, don't you think so?

Another card I received which astonished me is from the Adventist wellness center. The card was came with a free vision check up coupon. I just been there once for health screening in year 2006. I was surprised to see that hospital nowadays also doing a lots of marketing campaign. Or maybe all this while they are doing so is just that i was not aware? Anyway got competition then only got improvement__有竞争才会有进步__

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Amber said...

Hey!So good!Swaroski cystal like this cost a lot in US lor..Nice D :) Oh yes,the donut comment is me.