Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bowling Session!

Yesterday was holiday, so we went for bowling
with Intel's fren. I'm kind of impressive by CK's performance, from <100/games, he master the game very fast and turn to ~ 140 for the consecutive 2 games with many strike :) After the bowling we went for dinner and chatting at Kapitan Restaurant. We tried the usual Tandoori Naan set, yammy yammy...

We talked about some jokes at work and the most funny one is about how to expressing your feeling and complaints regarding jobs by writing in your own blog
without clearly mention about that person or the
issues...so how to do so?

CK has a great idea and it goes something like this :
Today I met a "DOG", it keeps barking and barking
even I had tried my best to explain to it on the issues...of course it doesn't understand lar because it is a dog mah....
Hahaha...such an interesting way to "express" your feeling, isn't it?

Warning : Above mention is for reference only. Pls be reminded that missused of it might caused serious disaster that you might have to bare its consequesnces.

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