Saturday, August 23, 2008

Watch out! I will appear in 8TV news tomorrow!

Guess what, I had been interviewed by 8TV just now when me and JJ having dinner at Aur Gading Restaurant in SG Dua :)

We were wondering why there is a reporter from 8TV and thought that maybe Anwar is coming??? But cant be lar, Sg dua is not include in Permatang Pauh region mah, so JJ asked the reporter what is going on and she sat due to the by-election, they wanted to do some reporting about the food around this area and heard that Aur Gading is one of the famous restaurant in Sg Dua....So Des Neh....
Then the reporter asking us if we were willing to be interviewed>>>>haha, guess what we are the only chinese couple there at that time, if they dont interview us, who else. :)
And i did noticed that the business is really good compare to normal days, got policeman, got anwar's supporter( i saw a car that stick anwar's poster and its party's flag) and got Puteri UMNO also...haha never heard about it right? For me i only heard of Pemuda UMNO :P

So, stay tune and watch me and JJ in action tomorrow 8pm on 8TV......Kamsia Kamsia!! thanks for supporting (must sounds like those candidates also, kekeke!!)

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