Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today i bring my father to LWE to do the operation. I tried so hard to wake up very early in the morning worried about traffic jam and that i couldn't reached the hospital on time,8.30am(The nurse reminded my father to come before this time..)
Fortunately, no serious jam and we reached LWE at 8am, straight to the admission counter. Then what happen?...of course started the waiting process lar...we wait there for around 15min then the poeple queing in front of me approcah the old chinese lady happily thought that it is finally his turn...mana tau, she told that person that-okay, u passed me the form, then you wait for me to call you lar..." Wahlau eh.. that person was so angry as he has waited for so long and finally thought that his turn has came but mana tau it is just the beginning of another round of waiting?? I was so unhappy also as there is no sign there informing customer that we need to pass up the form nor got any ticketing system in their admission counter....End up, we waited for 1 hour to complete the admission process :(

I really beh tahan d, so i search for the suggestion box and wrote a long complains at the form and submitted it with my name and HP number. If it is a good hospital that wanted to improve their services, the least they could do is to call me up, other wise, i dont think i will come here again next time...

But so unfortunately that the doctor was having an emergency case and he had went in for the operation room for about 6 hr untill now....It is around 4pm now and my father is still waiting for his turn :(

One thing good is, they have free WIFI, so i am able to work from LWE and writing blog.....I wonder how long more we will have to wait, my dad has fasting for >10 hr, kesian him :(


Casey said...

I guess my friend is the one that fix their WIFI's problem. Else it never works :p

jiin jiann said...

This LWE is really a lauzy hospital. Service is really bad.Having to wait for 1 hr is one thing, having to wait for whole day is unacceptable.

**Shih Nyien** said...

How come ask an ols man to wait for such long hour and fast fore more than 10hrs!!! Must complain to newspaper :p