Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Interesting training - Managing within the Law

Today I attended the training in Agilent called Managing within the law. This subjet sounds boring isn't it? However it turned up to be an exciting and informative class.

Some of the things that i had learned and felt interested to share are as below :
1. Do you know that according to labour act 1955, employer must provide a minimum of 10 days holiday per year to their employee? 4 are the fix holidays namely National Holiday, Agung's birthday, Labour day and state sultan/authoritise birthday.
2. Do you know that employer can terminate an employee if he/she didn't turned up to work 2 days consecutively without notification?
3. Do you know that a drug addict cannot be charged under misconduct and hence cannot be terminated by employer?
4. Do you know that if you are on MC but you are caught of being shopping/watching movie/playing games and so on can cause you to a termination?

Interesting, isn't it? :)

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