Monday, August 25, 2008

Cancer-the most terrifying disease

I just get to know that a fren of mine, her mother was on radiotheraphy due to breast cancer. Due to this, she has to always take leave and bring her mother for theraphy. I guess she must be very sad and tired but luckily she seems to be strong.
This make me recall that one of my auntie also died of breast cancer. She was consider lucky as after she gone through the theraphy she become well and live for another 7/8 years. However the cancer cell strike once again and this time she lost to the death evil.

Our own health have to be taken care by our own and dont wait until it is too late then only regret...saying that, I am starting to control my diet, as i have gastric problem. I loves to eat spicy, sour and fried food, but now i really need to reduce eating those foods because i want to prevent my gastric problem from getting worst.


**Shih Nyien** said...

Sister, is cancer :p

mam said...

Detox once a while. :p & hah live happily ever after, that's a good supplement!