Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's nothing personal

Recently i listen to radio station everyday while i commute to work. There is this interesting topic by the DJ - When people said it's nothing personal, do you think it is really so? Most of the call-in folks disagreed with it. They think that when people said that, there is really some personal matter involved. I too have the same opinion. If you don't think it is personal at the first place, why would you ever said something like "don't get me wrong ya, there is nothing personal". So next time if you feel like saying it out, hold it back and don't use it to cover your ass. Also man are functioning in the opposite way most of the time. Example when i ask my kid dont touch, she will go and touch it; when i say this thing cant be eaten, she will quickly put it into her mouth; get what I mean?

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