Friday, March 4, 2011

Have fun eating by herself

It's a relaxing Thursday afternoon, everyone is out, only left me and kai shuen in the house. After she wake up from her afternoon nap, i gave her milk then she play for a while by herself. Just after 10 minutes later, she asked for some bread. I gave her a small piece at a time and she was able to finish about 1 whole piece at the end. Then she continue to play her cooking toys with me sitting beside her. She just cant let me go to work on my computer :) About another hour later, she request for food again, hweh! So i gave her some papaya this time and let her eat by herself. She enjoyed the papaya very much as well as "playing" with the fork, eating by herself. Another 1.5hour later, she took her rice again. Wow, i think she is going to get fat soon!

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