Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Does pulling muscle really help improve heatlh?

Recently we were being introduced by my brother-in-law a type of exercise method that believed to be able to cure many of the diseases like high blood pressure, heart problem, diabetes, knee problem and others. The method is simple, basically is to stretch your body's muscle, called 拉筋 in Chinese. This method was founded by a Chinese man name Xiao Hong Chi. He believe that went our age getting older, our muscle become cramp and this causes many of the diseases. So by pulling the muscle back to straight, our illness will slowly heal. Refer to below photo on how to do the stretching. I use a special table design for this purpose but you can always find chairs to support your body and put your leg straight up leaning on the wall or door like shown in the second picture. Try to straighten your leg as much as possible but you may find it difficult the first few times. Then, forced your other leg to touch the floor. You can wear the strap ankle weights on your ankle to make it touch the floor. After about 10 minutes or more, you may change leg and repeat the same steps.
It was really painful the first few time i try to do this but after couples of session, the pain disappeared and i was able to pull my leg as straight as possible. My mother has done this for more than 3 months and she was able to squat now which previously impposible. She also mention that her legs feel more powerful and comfortable when climbing the stairs. It is an easy exercise of just 20 minutes, so why not have a try and you may benefited from it as well. Happy trying!

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mk said...

i am doing that too :)