Monday, October 13, 2008

Don't keep things unused for long time...

Last weekend when I was cleaning my house, I saw some fungus (like the mushroom) grew at the broken broom. I dont understand how come fungus can grow in the indoor.

This incident has remind me of a fren's story. She bought a new blouse 1 year ago but due to pregnancy, she keep that blouse in her wardrobe, thinking that she can wear it only after delivered. Recently she has a chance to wear it and thus she search for that blouse. However, to her surprise, the blouse suddenly tear off when she just lightly open it out. Hweh...what a sad case. So the moral of the story is, dont save the new dress for future, wear it whenever you feel like it.
Not only dress, but i think knowledge is also the same. Share with other what you have learn, dont be selfish and keep it to yourself. It might get dusty if you forogot to use it or to share with others....... :)

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Madley said...

I think fungus don't need sunlight but rather a moist cooling environment to grow.How nice if we can decide what type to grow in our storeroom..then we will have more mushrooms to eat...hahaha...i love mushrooms!