Friday, June 17, 2011

Little girl do shopping!

It has been quite some time since i last brought my daughter to the minimarket in front of our houseing area. Last night since I was working from home, got little extra time saved from the jam, so I decided to bring her for a walk to the minimarket. She loves going there because there were 2 coin-operated toys cars in front of the minimarket. So she was so excited and walk very fast on the way and quai quai let me hold her hand. When we finally reach there she sit on her usual toy car for 2 times. Then i ask her to go in to the shop and buy something. When we were at the biscuit counter, i ask if she want her usual rice cracker (for teething baby one), she said NO. Then we go further down the aisle and suddenly she scream out loud, Mama, want...while holding the cone-shaped biscuit. It's the biscuit stick where you can deep on the coklat. Then i try to show her to other stuff, like a box of bear shaped biscuts, but she dont seem intersted at all. Wow, little girl of 21 months old already know her preference and how to choose thing for herself, i can't imagine when she is bigger, sure don't listen to me at all :-)
But somehow, I found her to be a very reasonable cute little one. When i told her to pay first and we will only open the biscuits when we reached home, she really listen and follow.

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