Friday, April 29, 2011

My daughter prefer her dad than me!

I felt a bit sad when i realised that my girl prefer to play with her dad more than me :( She would normally scream happily when her dad is back from work and immediately want him to carry her and play with her. However when i returned home from work yesterday, she just look at me but didn't rush to me at all, how sad! When we play with her, she likes to throw the things that she is holding and asked us to collect it for her. I normally refuse to do so but her father will. And i normally just watch her how she play rather than playing together with her like what her father did. I guess this had make him a prefer choice as a playmate over me. But when come to bathing her or putting her to sleep, she will only choose me. I guess that's why both father and mother play a different but equally important role in children's development.

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