Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Inauguration

Million of people were expected to gather at the Capitol, Washington DC to witness the new American President, Obama's inauguration. I felt fascinating in it. How can Obama, an American that yet to show his capability in ruling the country getting so much respect and trust by the people? Was it because of his leadership quality, his personality, his good public speaking skill, or the hope that he has gave to his people?
I really dont know. For me, it is really hard to trust that there is a leader in this world that his only goal is to bring goodness to his poeple without any selfish thought. Maybe that leader also want to be rich, famous, powerful and being respected like a god. That could be his main goal instead :). Well maybe i am being skeptical but time will proof it.

Anyway, the whole world is hoping that Obama can really bring CHANGE not only to his nation but to all the human being as well. 加油 Mr. Obama!

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